29 October 2007

It [unbloody martyrdom] is the silent and heroic testimony of many Christians who live the Gospel without compromises, fulfilling their duty and dedicating themselves generously in service to the poor. This martyrdom of ordinary life is a particularly important witness in the secularized societies of our time. It is the peaceful battle of love that all Christians, like Paul, have to fight tirelessly; the race to spread the Gospel that commits us until death.

-Angelus Address, 28 October 2007
...baptism commits Christians to participate boldly in the spread of the Kingdom of God, cooperating if necessary with the sacrifice of one's own life.

-Angelus Address, 28 October 2007
...the supreme witness of giving blood [martyrdom] is not an exception reserved only to some individuals, but a realistic possibility for all Christian people.

- Angelus Address, 28 October 2007